Comic-Con Survival Guide

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San Diego Comic-Con is expected to draw more than 130,000 fans to Southern California this year to participate in cosplaying, attend panels, go to film screenings, and learn more about their favorite series. Here are some tips for surviving the four-day conference:

  • Start planning early. Book your hotel rooms far in advance, since any concierge would absolutely relish turning away a pleading Iron Man.
  • Take out cash before entering the convention hall to avoid long lines that could result in human interaction.
  • It’s impossible to see everything in the limited time available, so plan on hitting only your top 60 or 70 booths selling charcoal drawings of Ka D’Argo from Farscape.
  • Turn in dirty syringes for clean ones at any of Comic-Con’s many needle-exchange stations.
  • Put some thought into your Q&A questions to increase your chances that celebrities will want to hang out with you afterwards.
  • Panel attendees should be forewarned that Emperor Palpatine is hesitant to discuss the Naboo conflict.
  • Stay safe. As you leave the convention center each night, make sure you aren’t being followed back to your hotel by Bruce Campbell.
  • Remember: Comic-Con isn’t just for comic book fans. But unfortunately, they’ll all still be there.