Commonly Overlooked Tax Credits

Illustration for article titled Commonly Overlooked Tax Credits

As Americans rush to fill out their tax forms before the April 15 deadline, many may not realize that they are eligible for multiple tax credits that would earn money back from the government. Here are some credits that could apply to you:

  • Elderly And Disabled Credit: Individuals are eligible to claim this credit if they held up passengers getting off a bus for a total of 150 minutes or more last year
  • Good Idea Tax Credit: Applies to taxpayers who had a pretty good idea for a business in 2014
  • Pity Credit: Available to single taxpayers over 50 with no dependents
  • Amway Credit: $100 credit issued to every taxpayer who finds three additional taxpayers to cough up $100
  • Capital Gains Tax Credit: Don’t bother. If this applied to you, you wouldn’t be preparing your own taxes
  • Simon & Garfunkel Credit: Provides up to $500,000 in tax credit to anyone who helped reshape the landscape of American folk music in the 2014 calendar year
  • Not My President Credit: Americans are exempt from paying taxes if they didn’t vote for this president and don’t think they should have to pay for all of this
  • Corporate Tax Credit Credit: Tax credit that applies to any corporation previously receiving a tax credit