Illustration for article titled Company Encourages Women Who Have Been Sexually Harassed To Come Forward With Resignation Letter

SACRAMENTO, CA—In an effort to address a hostile work environment, executives at Western Sun Media Consulting reportedly distributed a staff-wide memo Thursday encouraging any women at the company who had experienced sexual harassment to come forward with a resignation letter. “If you have ever experienced unwanted sexual advances or inappropriate remarks that made you feel unsafe at this company, we ask you to please contact a supervisor or human resources immediately about tendering an official notification of resignation,” wrote CEO Sean Mackie in the memo, adding that all resignations from employees who felt they had been the target of gender-based discrimination and harassment would be handled discreetly and courteously by trained professionals. “We realize that if you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, it can feel difficult, and even frightening, to take action, but I want to assure you that we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for women to quietly announce that they’re leaving the company.” Mackie added that any employees who have suffered workplace harassment could schedule a confidential meeting with HR representatives if they were unsure of the proper channels for suddenly stepping down from their position.


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