Company Issues Statement Announcing They Stand With Rejected Black Applicants

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NEW YORK—Voicing support for those it ultimately passed over in favor of a white applicant, financial services giant Morgan Stanley issued a statement Monday indicating it stands in solidarity with all its rejected African American job candidates. “There is no excuse for racial discrimination in America or anywhere else, and that is why our company and its affiliates demand equality for the many black people we have interviewed as a courtesy over the years with no real intention of ever hiring,” read the statement from the investment bank at which approximately 2% of executive positions are held by African Americans. “Similarly, as we look out our windows and watch tens of thousands of protestors fill the streets to demand justice, we wish to express support for the black job seekers whose résumés we gave only a cursory glance before convincing ourselves they probably wouldn’t be a good fit. At this moment in our history—which we hope will become a turning point in race relations—we also stand firmly with our black team members who have been routinely passed over for promotions and kept in low-paying positions, or were otherwise denied opportunities to earn the same amount as their white counterparts. We urge them all to stay strong.” The statement went on to confirm the company would attempt to offset the widespread minority unemployment it had helped cause with a nominal one-time donation to a civil rights organization.