Conair Releases New Double-Sided Curling Iron For Flawless Burns

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STAMFORD, CT—Promising more evenly charred skin than any product on the market, Conair on Friday unveiled its new Third-Degree Pro, a double-sided curling iron designed to produce absolutely flawless burns. “The Third-Degree Pro model uses our patented thermal technology to deliver fuller, more voluptuous blistering and singeing, which it inflicts in half the time of other curling irons,” said Conair representative Molly Apsey, adding that the device’s internal sensors would guarantee consistent heat for precision scorching across the hands, face, ears, and neck. “With its fast-heating, ceramic double barrel, you can achieve a full head of burns that set in seconds and last throughout the day. Plus, the 400-degree, adjustable-temperature dial allows users to create bigger, bolder wounds.” Apsey added that for a limited time, the new curling iron would come with a specially formulated smoothing burn cream to give scar tissue extra shine and tame loose skin.

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