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Confederate Flag Controversy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

South Carolina came under fire recently for flying the Confederate flag over its state capitol, and Georgia has been under pressure for several years to remove the image from its state flag. What do you think of the continued use of this Civil War symbol?

"If you remove the Confederate symbol from the Georgia state flag, you only give it more power. Like when they took the Swastika off the New Hampshire flag."

Jill Wagner • Opthamologist

"Dixie flags went out a long time ago. Now my dorm room has a huge Pantera flag with a big fuckin' bud on it."

Jerome Vickers • Student

"I once saw a stripper who wore a Confederate flag. But not for long…"

Louis Reinhard • Mailman


"Why can't people see both sides of this slavery issue?"

Ivan DeJesus • Systems Analyst

"I think the Confederate flag is pretty. It has nothing to do with slavery or prejudice or any of that stuff. Although I do hate blacks."

Pete Pappas • Reference Librarian


"Ah don' know nuthin' about no flag, but looky at this here dress I done cut from a flour sack!"

Colleen Dawes • Civil Engineer