Congressional Filibusters

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Some people view the filibuster as a vital democratic tool, but others see it as an unnecessary impediment to legislative progress. What do you think?

"Wait—wouldn't the Democrats be able to filibuster the bill to change the filibustering rules?"

Lillie Moon • Doctor

"I think it's time America moved past this 'checks and balances' idea and fully embraced our 'unlimited line of credit' society."

Louis Knapp • Probation Officer


"The filibuster, eh? That reminds me of the baking-powder biscuits my dear old grandmother used to make. First, she'd take shortening… Now, keep in mind, the more shortening you use, the flakier the biscuits will be. My, all of us kids used to love</

Timothy Landry • Systems Analyst

"I use filibusters in my day-to-day life. They help you get out of all kinds of stuff, like taking out the garbage or having children."

Gordon Richmond • Plumber


"Do filibusters have anything to do with the word 'quorum'? Because I totally remember that word, too."

Derek Meadows • Factory Operator

"I'm not positive where I stand on filibusters, but as a longtime proponent of 'less talk, more rock,' I assume I'm against them."

Viola Ellison • Fashion Designer