Conservative Teens

Recent surveys show that today's teens are more conservative than the previous generation on issues like abortion and drug use. What do you think?

"I don't understand my teenage son. He's always locked in the bathroom with that damn Ann Coulter book."

Audrey Mitchell • Caterer


"Who can blame them, what with all the conservative video games they're playing?"

Fannie Whitton • Tailor

"Does this new conservatism preclude them from going wild, either now or at some point in the future?"

Randy Kimura • Clerk


"I did find it strange that my daughter's prom song was 'Hail To The Chief.'"

Kenneth Mann • Systems Analyst

"Of course teens are conservative. They're rebelling against the liberal bias that controls the media."

John Zimmerman • City Planner


"I don't know who these teens are, but they certainly aren't the ones e-mailing me about their web sites."

Jimmy McCourt • Dog Walker

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