Content Could Be Hotter, More Social

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WASHINGTON—According to a recent poll of various web-based media producers, content could be hotter, more social, more shareable. “While there is certainly buzzworthy content out there, some of which is even snackable, I do think content in general could be more relevant, more bite-size, and make a stronger brand impression with trending keywords and a more responsive design,” poll respondent Mark Zeligman told reporters, noting that the last piece of content he came across was an infographic that was neither flexible, timely, viral, nor engineered to maximize reader engagement. “After all, can we honestly say the content that’s out there right now is as buzzworthy and highly shareable as it could be? Does it inform, engage, and convert? Is it digestible? Does it both increase impressions and amplify the brand? I think you’ll find the answer is no.” At press time, poll respondents reported that when it comes to content, you gotta start thinking more bullet points, more lists, more visuals, more short-form, more microcontent.