Controversial Corporate Responsibility Campaigns

Starbucks recently stirred up controversy with a new campaign aimed at starting a dialogue about race that many have called tone-deaf and insensitive. Here are some other social responsibility campaigns companies have launched over the years:

  • Coors: Spent over $20 million last year to protect mountains at risk of losing their ice-cold freshness
  • Maybelline: Launched bold, powerful new ad campaign that features a beautiful girl saying that all girls are beautiful
  • ExxonMobil: Donates 5 percent of its oil to rivers and oceans
  • Hertz: Every car contains passenger ready to start dialogue about physician-assisted suicide with you
  • Burger King: Since 1980, the fast food restaurant chain has distributed more than 5 million ketchup dispensers to the homeless
  • Sbarro: To call attention to wage inequality between men and women, female customers are served only 78 percent of their order
  • The Weinstein Company: The film studio gave back to the local community in 2009 by dumping thousands of unsold DVD copies of Zack And Miri Make A Porno at the intersection of Olympia Boulevard and 19th
  • Utz, Snyder’s of Hanover, Rold Gold: These pretzel companies have been locked in an ongoing race to broker peace between Israel and Palestine
  • McDonald’s: Gained positive press with a 2011 campaign that sponsored antibiotic drives for hamburgers in third-world nations

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