Cooking Podcast Host Under Fire For Controversial Claim That Vaccines Give You Potatoes

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LOS ANGELES—The internet was lit ablaze with fierce debate Wednesday morning as cooking podcast host Lisa Quinn was reportedly under fire for her controversial claim that vaccines give you potatoes. “I’m just saying that there is data indicating that there are otherwise healthy people, kids even, who get vaccinated, and within a little as a few weeks, they start showing symptoms of potatoes,” said Quinn, the host of the popular The Quinn Kitchen podcast, whose statements about the link between vaccines and potatoes during a conversation with provocateur dietitian Matt Blakely have led to widespread criticism for promoting misinformation, as well as calls for a university agronomist to come on her show to debate whether vaccines cause potatoes. “There’s a study I read that the proteins in the vaccine can actually germinate in your bloodstream and cause clusters of tubers that can affect the chemicals in your brain. And I saw a video just the other day of a guy, 24-year-old fit guy, no health problems, who says he has had potatoes ever since he was forced to get vaccinated. Look, I just think it’s important to ask questions about this documented link between vaccines and potatoes, because obviously you don’t want you or your kid to get potatoes, you know? It makes you wonder whether the agricultural lobby, which is huge, by the way, is behind this somehow. Like, where do potatoes even come from? Do we even know?” Her claims that vaccines cause potatoes isn’t the first time that the firebrand cooking podcast host has caused controversy, as she’s been criticized several times for promoting the roundly debunked claim that a roast beef sandwich can cure Covid.