Illustration for article titled Corrugated-Cardboard Lobby Once Again Rates All 535 Congressmen ‘Poor’ On Corrugated-Cardboard-Related Issues

WASHINGTON—Leaders in the corrugated-cardboard lobby published their annual report card for U.S. Congress members Tuesday, once more giving all 535 senators and representatives a rating of “poor” on issues pertaining to corrugated cardboard. “At a time when the United States should be taking a leadership role in global cardboard-related initiatives, our elected representatives make virtually no mention of corrugated materials when speaking to the American public,” read a statement from the National Association of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers (NACCM), noting that the word cardboard has been spoken only once during a congressional debate this year, and its usage was “clearly metaphorical.” “Our ratings reflect the fact that not a single one of our leaders in Washington has made corrugated-cardboard-related issues a priority, let alone taken action on comprehensive corrugated-cardboard legislation. It’s almost as if they prefer to pretend such issues don’t exist.” At press time, the NACCM had reportedly upgraded the rating of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), who, after years of staunchly refusing to bow to Big Cardboard, agreed to introduce a bill titled the Corrugated Box and Foldable Shipping Carton Act of 2013.

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