Couple No Fun Anymore After Having Kids Die

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FAYETTEVILLE, AR—After the pair turned down a social gathering for the third time that month, close friends of Dawn and Kevin Edmund confirmed Wednesday that the couple had really stopped being fun after having their kids die. “They never want to go out anymore; it’s always ‘We have family therapy’ or ‘Dawn can’t get out of bed today’ or whatever,” said Kevin’s best friend Thomas Fendrich, who added that in the years since the Edmunds’ 4-year-old twin girls had been killed in a horrific car accident, it seemed like the couple no longer knew how to have a good time. “On the off chance they do come out, we’ll usually spend half of dinner looking at all of Dawn’s photos of her deceased kids, and it’s like, we get it! They were cute! And Kevin used to be such a party animal, but now he’s saying he can’t even look at alcohol after what happened. It’s honestly a bummer, and you know what? I can tell you right now that I’m not going to be one of those people who is just completely obsessed with their dead kids.” At press time, Fendrich was seen rolling his eyes as the couple launched into yet another boring story about their daughters’ last words before passing away.