Couple Turns To IVF After Struggling To Have Octuplets

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RICHMOND, VA—Visiting a fertility clinic in the hopes of finally having the family they always wanted, local couple Tim and Caroline Stauber told reporters Thursday they had turned to in vitro fertilization after struggling to have octuplets. “We’ve tried for years with no success, so at this point, our best chance of conceiving eight children at the same time is IVF,” said Caroline Stauber, adding that last year she thought her dream had at last come true, but during a visit to her ob-gyn, an ultrasound showed she was only carrying triplets, a revelation that deeply upset the 39-year-old mother of 17. “I know I could just adopt eight kids of the same age, but I’ve always wanted the experience of being pregnant with eight babies simultaneously and then delivering them, one after another, with the labor stretching on for days. The truth is, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known I wanted to be an octomom someday.” At press time, a distraught Stauber confirmed she was seeking an abortion after accidentally becoming pregnant with septuplets.