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Account manager Brad Rutledge, 33, has come under fire for spoiling the latest Old Spice commercial to his fellow employees at software company NuTech Datasystems. "Oh man, you've got to see the latest one," said the extremely annoying Rutledge. "There's this guy who showers with Old Spice bar soap, and then hot water starts spraying on him. The water follows him around all day." Sources say that promising to watch the commercial yourself won't deter Rutledge from standing in your cubicle and physically acting out every part of the ad. "I even told him I saw it and that it was funny, but that didn't get rid of him," said programmer Glenn Polson. "He said the ad's jingle was stuck his head, and then sang the entire thing like five times." At press time, Rutledge was holding up a meeting with 15 people to play the ad at the start of a PowerPoint presentation.


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