Illustration for article titled Coworkers On Zoom Trapped In Infinite Loop Of Telling Each Other ‘Oh Sorry, No, Go Ahead’

LOS ANGELES—Coworkers at the advertising firm Horizon Group remained trapped in an infinite loop of telling one another “Oh sorry, no, go ahead,” during a morning Zoom teleconference, sources confirmed Monday. “No, no, my bad, definitely go ahead,” said copywriter Lance Reddick, pausing three hours into the apparently endless cycle of apologizing and encouraging a colleague to continue with what they had been saying, only for another few workers to add to the unbreakable pattern by chiming in, quickly cutting themselves off, and asking forgiveness for speaking over anyone else. “I feel like I interrupted you. Sorry about that—what were you trying to say?” At press time, after a brief silence, all 20 coworkers on the call were shouting over each other in a deafening cacophony.


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