Creator Of Labradoodle Says Making Breed His Life’s ‘Greatest Regret’

Stressing that he “opened a Pandora’s box and released a Frankenstein’s monster” with the novel breed, Wally Conron, the maker of the Labradoodle, expressed regret for ever creating the mop-headed dog, citing its frequent health problems and saying that it had “veered far from his original purpose in mixing a Labrador and a poodle.” What do you think?

“If it makes him feel any better, I’m pretty sure I hit one with my car last night.”

Elliot Freeman • Table Setter


“Save it for The Hague, pal.”

Antonia Samuels • Ketchup Bottler

“We all have animals we wish we hadn’t made fuck.”

Gus Hibbert • Hospice Greeter