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NEW YORK—In what many are calling a shameless and creepy attempt to court a much younger demographic, 55-year-old brand Frito-Lay was seen clearly targeting 18-to-24-year-old females this week with a new campaign for reduced-fat snacks, sources confirmed. “The extreme lengths that Frito-Lay is going to in a desperate effort to chase after younger women is frankly kind of sad and sleazy,” said NYU senior Amy Greisler, adding that she cringed when she noticed the brand’s fixation with teen and twentysomething females, particularly its “totally transparent” show of enthusiasm for healthy, all-natural ingredients favored by women her age. “I guess Frito-Lay figures that if it keeps this up for long enough, it’ll find a few takers. But with all the colorful packaging and lack of artificial flavoring, it’s painfully obvious that a company that was selling snacks during the Eisenhower administration is just trying to woo suggestible girls who weren’t even born when it was in its mid-30s.” At press time, sources were horrified when the creepy brand started going after recently divorced women with low self-esteem.


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