D.C. Police Preemptively Deploy 3 Officers For Inauguration Day

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WASHINGTON—With the swearing in of the 46th President scheduled to occur a mere two weeks after a mob of angry, far-right rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, the Washington, D.C. Police preemptively deployed three officers to oversee the upcoming Inauguration Day ceremonies, sources confirmed Monday. “In order to ensure that the inauguration proceedings occur in a secure and orderly manner, we will be assigning a squadron of three officers to the U.S. Capitol building on Wednesday,” said Robert J. Contee III, acting Chief of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, explaining that while the measure might seem like overkill, the last thing the city wanted was a repeat of last week’s events. “To maintain a secure perimeter, we will have two officers at the east front of the structure and one at the west. And for the sake of maximizing the security of the proceedings, we have also issued an emergency authorization of two metal barricades, a roll of caution tape, and a single “Do Not Enter” sign, so people know not to trespass in restricted areas.” Contee added that in case the police need back-up, there would also be a fourth officer on call who can be there in thirty to forty-five minutes to assist with any situations that might unfold.