Dad’s Tough Exterior Hides Angry, Resentful Center

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SAGINAW, MI—Sources close to local father Wayne Abrams confirmed Thursday that, while his tough exterior might initially fool casual observers, the 45-year-old’s gruff demeanor actually conceals a deeply angry and resentful center. “Sure, Dad seems all strong and tough on the outside, but underneath that is a simmering rage that he doesn’t always show people,” said Abrams’ eldest daughter Bethany, 16, who added that her father is “really mean and hurtful when you get to know him.” “He comes off a little cold at first, but it’s kind of funny because it’s nowhere near as cruel and spiteful as he truly is deep down. You just have to wait for him to share his hateful side with you. And trust me, if you hang around long enough, you’ll really be amazed at how despicable he can be.” Abrams added that her mother’s chipper exterior concealed an even more bitter and resentful core than her father’s.