Damning Investigation Finds Jeffrey Epstein Left Unsupervised For Decades Prior To Suicide

NEW YORK—Calling the oversight a complete failure of the system on every level, Department of Justice officials told reporters Tuesday that a damning investigation had revealed that billionaire and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein had been left unsupervised for decades prior to his suicide. “This high-risk criminal should never have been left alone for any long period of time from the 1990s up until his death,” said U.S. Attorney General William Barr, expressing his complete shock in discovering that the convicted pedophile was not being checked in on every half hour for the last 30 years. “We do have records saying that his actions were being monitored very briefly in 2008, but it obviously wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, due to this breakdown of justice, we were unable to prevent what Mr. Epstein did for the past several decades.” Barr then vowed to follow proper Department of Justice protocol by continuing this investigation until his team found out exactly who they could lay all the responsibility on for the negligence.

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