STARKE, FL—Shortly after the official scheduling of his execution date, convicted murderer Thomas McGuire admitted to reporters Wednesday that he is curious to see how the state is going to pull off his lethal injection. “I’ve been spending a lot of time praying and trying to find peace, but I have to admit, I also find myself genuinely wondering how they’re going to even get this thing off the ground,” said McGuire, adding that the Florida Department of Corrections and state prosecutors have been talking a big game for years about administering justice for his crimes, but haven’t once mentioned how they plan to circumvent the nationwide pentobarbital shortage and put their money where their mouth is. “Even if they can manage to get an untested mix of chemicals from some distributor, I’m a pretty big guy—there’s a good chance they won’t even have enough to finish me off. Honestly, if they actually make this happen, I’ll be impressed.” If the state does prove able to kill him, McGuire said he puts the estimate on the length of time it will take to be declared dead at one hour, 48 minutes.