Declassified Documents Reveal Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda Job Application

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence this week declassified hundreds of documents collected during the 2011 raid of Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound, including his original job application for al-Qaeda, which, along with requesting regular contact information, asked applicants whether they would be willing to be suicide bombers and who to contact in case of martyrdom. What do you think?

“I would have thought the martyrdom question more appropriate for a second interview.”

Hazel Barber • HR Specialist


“Where did he put his previous experience? What font did he use? I’m looking for all the job-hunting tips I can find.”

Randy Schneider • Unemployed

“Say what you will about bin Laden, but it sounds like he really knew how to keep important paperwork organized.”

Tommy Melendez • Figurine Painter