Delivery Room Nurse Tired Of Taking Shit From Richard Sherman

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SEATTLE—After successfully delivering the newborn baby of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and his girlfriend Ashley Moss Thursday morning, Northwest Hospital and Medical Center nurse Karen Greco expressed her frustration at having to constantly take shit from the Seahawks defender throughout the entire birthing process. “As soon as Mr. Sherman showed up to the hospital with his girlfriend, he started shouting about how he was the best in the game and how I wasn’t nothing compared to him,” Greco said, noting how difficult it was to guide Moss through her contractions and apply an epidural anesthetic with the defensive back loudly criticizing the hospital for sending such a “second-rate, bush-league” maternity nurse to deliver his son. “I was trying to concentrate once his girlfriend started crowning, but he was right up in my face and screaming at me the whole time. It’s like, ‘Jesus, just shut up and let me do my job, okay?’” According to sources, Greco and the rest of the maternity ward staff ultimately lost their patience with Sherman when he used his superior size and reach to get in front of the attending obstetrician and snatch his newborn child from his girlfriend’s birth canal.