Dentist Thought Teeth In Movie Were Really Accurate

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PROVIDENCE, RI—Upon exiting the theater after a showing of American Underdog, local dentist Andrew Breitenstein told friends Monday that he thought the teeth in the film were really accurate. “Man, a lot of these Hollywood productions don’t care about attention to detail, but the teeth in that movie were perfect—they just nailed it,” said Breitenstein, who grew visibly excited as he speculated that the sports biopic must have had a dental consultant on set, because he hadn’t noticed a single tooth-based mistake in the entire runtime. “The gap in that one pair of teeth was hyperrealistic. And the slight underbite. You could see his incisors and everything. I could go on. Even small details, like the number of teeth each actor had? Those were right on. It’s so cool to see a big movie like this just swing for the fences in terms of dental accuracy.” Breitenstein went on to suggest that a cuspid that appeared later in the movie seemed like it was actually a little wink to dentists in the audience.