Disappointing Buffalo Wild Wings Not Living Up To Ridicule

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LOS ANGELES—Describing the experience as a significant letdown, local diner Eric Tidwell told reporters that the disappointing Buffalo Wild Wings franchise he visited Thursday night failed to live up to the scorn he had long heard about the restaurant. “Sure, it was pretty bad and everything, but not nearly as horrible as I expected,” said the 32-year-old marketing manager, adding that the wings he ordered were only marginally worse than those served at most bars, and that the waitstaff wasn’t nearly as slow or inattentive as anticipated. “Everyone’s always talking about how much this place sucks—and it does—but it isn’t blow-you-away bad, you know? When I walked in here, I was expecting everything to be completely appalling, but even the atmosphere in this place is borderline tolerable. Overall, I thought it would be way shittier.” At press time, Tidwell admitted he was beginning to change his mind about the Buffalo Wild Wings as he felt the first sharp pains of a stomach ache.


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