Illustration for article titled Disneyland Employee Hastily Ad-Libs Story About How Much Goofy Loves Napping On The Pavement

ANAHEIM, CA––Assuring the crowd of onlookers that the beloved cartoon character was merely enjoying a little rest from all the fun he was having in the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland employee Mark Scovell hastily improvised a story Friday about how much Goofy loves napping on the pavement. “Oh, jeepers, it looks like somebody has been playing a little too hard!” said Scovell, explaining to the large group of tourists that the friendly anthropomorphic dog was simply “having a bit of a snooze” so that he might have plenty of energy for Mickey’s Soundsational Parade later that afternoon. “Why, the poor fella must be just pooped from going on so many rides with all his little friends all day. Thirsty, too—careful you don’t step on all the little empty Goof Juice bottles! Golly, he’s not waking up. He must have been plumb tuckered out. What a silly old dog!” Scovell excitedly pointed out that Goofy’s police friends were coming to take him for a little ride in their car so he could help them solve the mystery of how certain beloved Disney characters were being magically transported to slumberland.

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