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Disneyland Turns 60: A Look Back

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The Disneyland Resort opened its gates 60 years ago this July in Anaheim, CA, where it has delighted park patrons for decades with its iconic rides and ability to bring Disney’s animated films to life. The Onion looks back at some of the milestone moments in the park’s history:

  • 1948: Walt Disney begins scouting locations for his ambitious burial ground
  • 1964: Surgeon general forces closure of the beloved Philip Morris Fabulous Flying Cigarette ride
  • 1969: The iconic Haunted Mansion opens to the public, quickly becoming the park’s most fucking overhyped attraction and remaining so to this day
  • 1985: First baby is born on Space Mountain
  • 1997: Victorious Gastons sign collective bargaining agreement
  • 2002: A $2.4 million project is quietly undertaken to reinforce all park benches
  • 2005: 50-year anniversary celebration begins with parade honoring the legacy of Disney’s most innovative litigators
  • 2010: Shenzhen strips Disneyland of title for “happiest place on earth”
  • 3012: Little girl becomes first in a millennium to enter park without picture of Queen Elsa on her clothing