Things were quiet at the Con last night so I decided to turn in early and catch a little of the "Boob Tube." You'll never believe what was on channel 87: "Romancing the Stone!"

Perhaps one of the best films of the 1980s (despite that drug scene, which was unnecessary in my book), it really shows Michael Douglas at his best. And that Kathleen Turner – hubba hubba! But she's more than just a looker: it's clear she symbolizes America's resolve – pulling herself up by her own bootstraps in the middle of that jungle to make something of herself and earn that diamond that Alligator swallows whole (a metaphor for America's Big Government with a capital "B" – but I don't have to tell you that).


I tell you, watching that film again after all these years really took me back. If I had to turn around and go home from the Democratic National Convention right now I would leave totally satisfied. (To those of you who haven't seen the film, the answer is YES, it is just that good).

Lying in bed after the film was over, I couldn't sleep as I kept replaying the thrilling chase scenes in that dirty, smelly South American place when all of a sudden it hit me: years later, the Michael Douglas character would go on to become president in the aptly titled "An American President!"

What an inspirational story, when you think about it: adventuring roughneck in the jungle marries the girl and goes on to become president! How's that for "Hopeful Audacity," Mr. Barracks Obama! I think you could learn a thing or two from "Romancing the Stone!"


The only thing is Kathleen Turner wasn't in "An American President" … what was Michael Douglas thinking?? I have to confess it's been years since I've seen that one and I've forgotten some of the details. Maybe she died tragically? Or did she turn out to be a robot? I think I'll have to purchase that film on VHS for my library – perhaps I can even find it here in Denver! Come on, Denver: Here's your chance to prove you're a world-class city deserving to host this Democratic Presidential Convention. Don't let me down.

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