It was a slow night at the "Con" last night so I decided to skip it (Don't tell my editor!). But I'm putting in some time this morning catching up.

I've got the "Inside" scoop from my sources: the Democrats finally unveiled Barracks Obama's wife! Well, it's about time we got a look at her. And from what Debra Norville says, Mrs. Barracks was looking very lady-like. I'm sure the head honchos in the Democrat Party are breathing a sigh of relief!


Well, I’m happy for Mrs. Barracks, but to me, nothing could compare to Pat Nixon. She was a swell lady and a real classy dresser.

The media won't report it but she had great gams, too. Some said she liked to tip a few around the cocktail hour but what's wrong with that, right? Here's to you, Pat.

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