One thing Denver HAS gotten right is the beautiful Pepsi Cola Center. I always hate when people tell me, "you had to be there," but — sorry folks — this is a place that mere words can’t describe. To fully take it in, you have to be here. But I'll try to bring a little Pepsi Cola Center home to you — starting with this photo:

I don't know where they found blue rocks, but I guess it's no surprise that if they're out there, the Pepsi Cola people are just the ones to find them! It is a breathtaking rock garden. And if you think it looks good here, it's even better in person — my camera can't begin to do it justice. It's right at the "Con" entrance and it really sets the tone well.


Many of you readers may be too young to remember this, but we used to have a saying, "Better Dead Than Red" — "red" meaning the commie menace. That's why I never drank Coca-Cola. That red can just stuck in my craw. Pepsi Cola had it's priorities straight from day one: Red, White and Blue! I appreciate that can design and I reward them with my business — to this day. And it warms my heart to see the new generation of young people in the advertisements also embracing the patriotic soda that is truly American — with a capital "A"!

But the rock garden's just the beginning. Feast your eyes on this:

I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but what this is is a majestic sculpture made from rock and (I believe) some metallic alloy. When you look at the sphere up top just right you see that it is a 3-D reimagining of the Pepsi Cola logo! I spent a good 20 minutes just taking it in. It looks stunning but it also makes you think. Pepsi Cola, rising from the rocks (symbolizing our Mother Earth) — natural and refreshing and shiny. Makes me thirsty just looking at it.

Take note, Denver City Council: Art this good isn't built on public funds! This came from the private sector as God intended. So take the "Pepsi Challenge" and think about this the next time you get the whim to dump a giant dustbin in the public square!


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