Thought I'd take my time getting to the Con today and get my bearings in this strange new world called Denver β€” emphasis on the "Strange." Get a load of what I found:

I guess this is what passes for "Art" in Denver! Now you know why so many people call public art "Garbage" β€” that’s exactly what this is! Only this monstrosity won't be easily "Swept Away" β€” it's made of solid steel and must weigh a ton. I hope the Denver City Council is getting a good chuckle out of this because the taxpayers can't be laughing. If they have a city council, that is β€” I'm afraid the lunatics may be running the asylum. I'm sure this kind of "Art" goes over well in China, but this is the U, S of A. What's wrong with those adorable painted cows they have in other cities?


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