DNC Coverage: Great Expectations

Well, I can't find a video store in this town to save my life. If I knew some "locals" maybe I could ask for some advice on that front, but I'm not one to reach out to strangers – you just can't be too safe is the way I see it (Especially in a place like Denver).

So I decided to head over to the Con. And on the way, look what I spotted:

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A new movie about our current commander-in-chief! Doesn't look like one of those films with an axe to grind (thank goodness) so movie audiences should finally get a fair look at The Decider. My only question: Will this movie be as good as "An American President"? It'll be a tough battle – not unlike the Election War we have going on within our 50 states right now – but judging from the quality of this nifty poster, I'd say "W" just might stand for "Winner!"

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