As the last vestiges of corn dog were swilling in my gullet, I came upon the CNN booth. I wasn't sure how they'd react to me considering our feud. I had two choices, play it tough, or play it cool. I opted to try getting on their good side. I yelled out to Anderson Cooper a hearty congratulations on their new ice cream. He just stared at me like I was speaking Chinese:

Then over the loud din of the Con (why can't people simmer down??) I clearly explained to both Anderson and Wolf that I was a fellow journalist and did they have any pull to get me into the CNN Fancy Grill. They pretended they couldn't hear me.


Roger Mudd would never have snubbed me like that, even though we often sparred on the issues of the day. Whatever happened to anchorman backbone? It's clear these two are just sheep toeing the Turner line. I've been happy with my career but when your brothers in the field deny you red, white, and blue ice cream it makes one consider throwing in the towel. I feel sick right now.

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