I have been notified by my editors that the telegram writing format style has been "upgraded" in the "Information Age." Well, that is technology for you and you can’t fight progress!

So my arrival at the airport seemed to start off nice enough. Here are some kind folks who greeted me. My editors must have told them I was coming! (Just a joke – they are there to meet everyone from the convention.)


But how quickly Lady Luck becomes Dame Misfortune! Just moments later, after a real hassle finding the bus stop (don't ask) I found this sign:

This is shaping up to be the DNC: DISAPPOINTMENT National Convention!

LATE UPDATE: April 25, 2008, 6:26PM


Well I had to go back in the terminal and try to find change. On my way I saw this woman (on your left).

I asked her if perhaps Mr. Barracks Obama could deliver "Exact Change!" That got her.

I had to buy a Cinnabon in order to get the change (at least that's what I'll tell my cholesterol doctor – ha ha! Ah, but I'm on vacation of sorts, right?).


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