Doctor Informs Woman He’s Overweight

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HOUSTON—Hoping to communicate the numerous health risks that can stem from obesity, local doctor Peter Gerheart took time during an annual checkup to gently inform patient Brianna Torres that he is overweight, sources reported Friday. “This is never an easy thing to tell a patient, but I think it’s important to be transparent about this—I am overweight,” said the primary care physician, who explained that his family history of obesity may have contributed to his current weight and went on to reference a series of charts outlining how his body mass index and high blood pressure put him at greater risk for heart disease. “I don’t want to stigmatize or shame myself here, but I do want you to know how important it is for me to make some changes to my lifestyle. Even moderate exercise and a slightly more varied diet could have a major impact on my health, and if I don’t make these changes now, I could face some serious issues down the road. So when I see you for your next checkup, I’d like to see myself a little slimmer.” According to reports, Gerheart went on to show Torres a list of healthy snack options he could eat in order to break his junk food habit.