Does Iran Pose A Threat?

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While Iran did free the British sailors it detained last month, the country is still threatening to restart its nuclear program. What do you think?

"So a country in the Mideast has been acting irrationally? I guess that's news."

Kenneth Ridener • Systems Analyst

"Like it or not, the time to stop this is right now, before we're forced to restore the Soviet Union and beat them at hockey again."

Donald Stiles • Tax Examiner


"Remember the good old days when Iran and Iraq were always at war with each other, and nobody else gave a shit who won or lost?"

Brenda Stearns • Archivist

"As the manager of the long-forgotten '80s sensation A Flock Of Seagulls, this can only be good for me."

Alfredo Mireles • Cook


"Show me where the U.N. charter states that sovereign nations have the right to behave like the U.S."

Jeffrey Eubanks • Truck Driver

"Should we take action against Iran? We just liberated them. Check your facts before asking stupid questions."

Karla Finik • Hairdresser