Dog Really Freaked Out By Fireworks Shot At Face

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DAYTON, OH—Expressing frustration at their pet’s continual barking and whimpering, sources within the Smyth family confirmed Sunday that their dog Jasper had gotten completely freaked out by the Independence Day fireworks getting shot directly at his face. “Poor little guy is so skittish, he can’t even handle it when a small firecracker or smoke bomb explodes into his snout,” said Dylan Smyth, 33, noting that the use of calming measures such as keeping the dog indoors and wrapping him in an anxiety vest had done little to prevent him from going crazy when an incendiary device was aimed at him and detonated. “We’ve tried giving him some of his favorite treats or distracting him with a toy, but he’s just so agitated. I wish he’d understand that it’s only a few hours of fun. Then we’ll get bored and it will be over.” Smyth added that he hadn’t seen Jasper this freaked out since a bad storm a few months ago where he’d gotten struck by lightning.