Doing Their Part: Nintendo Is Encouraging Gamers To Register To Vote And Write In Mario For President

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This is really inspiring, gamers. With the coming election less than five weeks away, we need all hands on deck to make sure our democracy continues to flourish. Thankfully, the gaming legends at Nintendo are doing their part with their new “Switch the Polls” campaign that encourages gamers to register to vote and write in Mario for president.

Democratic engagement FTW!

Here’s how it works: Starting Saturday, October 24, all Nintendo Switch and 3DS users will receive weekly updates informing them about their local voting center, instructions on voter registration, and where to write “Mario” on a ballot to make sure everyone’s favorite plumber’s name is represented in the 2020 election. Beyond that, Nintendo will also be offering free bussing to nearby polls on November 3 in order to ensure no gamer will be prevented from voting for the iconic Italian platforming star to become president. If all goes well, we could even see the beloved gaming icon beat out Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins!


Given the overall sense of fatigue and hopelessness that has long plagued the nation, we couldn’t be happier to see Nintendo coming out and encouraging everyone to make sure their voices are heard at the polls. After all, this is the most important election in a generation, and it’s downright inspiring to imagine millions of gamers heading to their local election center and showing the world that Mario deserves to be president of the United States. Even more impressive is Nintendo’s choice to also encourage down ballot voting with an ad campaign telling fans to cast their vote in state and local races for Shy Guys. So cool!

Frankly, we think this is a long overdue stand for the iconic console maker. After all, we live in a democracy that requires active participation from all gamers in order for it to continue being healthy and robust. We’re also encouraged that Nintendo is putting their money where their mouth is and telling fans that if Mario doesn’t receive at least 3% of the vote, then the election has been rigged and the director of the FEC should be assassinated.


Now that’s the sort of commitment to democracy that we all love to see!