Dolphins And The Military

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In a move that has outraged many animal-rights activists, the U.S. Navy is using dolphins to find underwater mines in Iraqi harbors. What do you think?

"It's one thing to put human lives at risk in a war, but dolphins? That's just unconscionable."

Arthur Bond • Systems Analyst

"I support the U.S. dolphin military program. For many dolphins, the G.I. Bill is the only way they can afford college."

George Goff • Auto Mechanic


"As someone who wore a T-shirt with a dolphin on it almost every day in fourth grade, I find this development troubling. My nickname in school was 'fishshirt.'"

Dorothea Klapp • Graphic Designer

"I gave up canned tuna for the dolphins, and now they're just blowing them to shit?"

Melvin Adams • Electrician


"Sure, they'll tell you about the success of the Navy dolphins, but will they tell you about the 10,000-dolphin protest in Chicago last weekend?"

Eleanor Reese • Painter

"This is the military. We should be amazed they're not using baby chicks."

Dan Mora • Civil Engineer