Don Henley Sues Both Presidential Campaigns For Not Using ‘Boys Of Summer’

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DALLAS—Expressing frustration that neither presidential candidate had requested consent to use his smash solo hit from 1984, Eagles vocalist Don Henley filed suit Wednesday against both Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s campaigns for not playing “The Boys Of Summer” at their events. “Fans tipped us off to the fact that Biden and Trump weren’t using ‘Boys Of Summer’ for any of their in-person or virtual campaign appearances, and we felt we had no choice but to take legal action,” said Henley, whose lawyers filed a civil complaint against the campaigns detailing how the classic-rock radio mainstay would make a perfect complement to the message of either candidate. “We find it unacceptable that it hasn’t been played even once at a 2020 rally, especially during the summertime. The part that goes ‘Nobody on the road / Nobody on the beach’ truly speaks to this moment in American life. How dare you not use this song, ‘All She Wants To Do Is Dance,’ or any of the other Top 40 singles from my triple-platinum Building The Perfect Beast album? You have no right. No right at all.” At press time, the Trump campaign had reportedly agreed to use “Boys Of Summer” on the condition that Henley edit out the lyric “But I can see you / Your brown skin shining in the sun.”