Doug Baldwin Sick Of Being Disrespected By Statistics

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SEATTLE—Following his team’s 28-22 win over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin expressed his frustration to reporters Wednesday after feeling constantly disrespected by his statistics this season. “These receiving numbers have been coming out of the woodwork after every game and trying to make me look bad, and I’m sick and tired of it,” said a visibly upset Baldwin, adding that such statistics as his 66 receptions, 12.5 yards per reception, and three touchdowns on the season have worked ruthlessly to deride and undermine him throughout the year. “All I have to do is open up any sports website on Monday morning to see all these stats saying my 825 total receiving yards ranks 42nd among NFL players. It’s hard not to take that stuff personally, and after a while you just have to ignore it.” Baldwin went on to express his gratitude to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll for disregarding all incendiary criticism from the receiver’s numbers and continuing to make him a starter throughout the playoffs.