Dr. Oz Sells Garcinia Cambogia Supplement Guaranteed To Lower Taxes

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HARRISBURG, PA—Touting the pill as a “miracle drug” at rallies and in his campaign literature, U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz reportedly began selling garcinia cambogia pills Monday that he said were guaranteed to lower taxes. “Folks, dropping those unwanted, stubbornly high tax rates is easier than ever with a supplement that experts are calling ‘the most exciting breakthrough in tax reform available today,’” the celebrity heart surgeon and office-seeker said during a campaign rally, offering Pennsylvania voters a discount on the “revolutionary tax buster” if they went to his campaign site in the next hour and entered the code “OZ2022” at checkout. “How does it work? Easy, the hydroxycitric acid extracted from this tropical fruit helps curb federal income taxes before their enacted, while simultaneously allowing you to double—even triple—your deductions. What’s more, garcinia cambogia actively boosts your refunds as you go about your day. If you started taking these 1,400 milligram capsules right now, you could be in a completely different tax bracket by the end of next week! Who wants a demonstration?” Later in the rally, Oz introduced a supporter who gave a testimonial about how daily doses of colloidal silver had helped her eliminate “critical race theory” from her child’s school.