Dr. Scholl’s Introduces New Freeze-Away Toe Remover

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CHICAGO—Foot-care brand Dr. Scholl’s unveiled its new Freeze-Away Toe Remover Thursday, an over-the-counter treatment that combines freeze therapy with fast-acting liquid to loosen and ultimately expel unsightly toes. “If you’re finding it painful to put on shoes or simply want to get rid of the gnarled growths at the ends of your feet, there’s an easier solution than having your toes surgically removed—just apply our product on the affected area, and in 24 hours the digits will disappear,” said the company’s director of marketing Angie Diaz, who explained that the serum works by chemically breaking down tissue and bone before freezing and separating the phalanges from the metatarsals. “It’s a painless, no-hassle solution that will save you the time and expense of a trip to the doctor. And since each package comes with five doses, you can re-apply as many times as necessary to ensure a smooth, healthy surface.” Diaz added that the temporary loss of feeling in users’ feet could be alleviated by Dr. Scholl’s’ Hypodermic Massage Gel.