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NEW ORLEANS—In response to controversy over his previous statement that downplayed police brutality and focused on standing for the national anthem, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees admitted Thursday that he hasn’t trusted black people ever since a Falcons linebacker stole a football straight out of his hands. “I understand that people might be angry with me, but I have to speak from my own experience, which is that in 2009, a large black man came out of nowhere, shoved me, and stripped my football directly out of my hands,” said Brees, adding that the man who took his football was accompanied by “at least four or five other large black men” who were all wearing red and black, which he took to be gang colors. “Can you really blame me if I view black men suspiciously since that terrible day? I worked hard all my life to get that ball, and that large black linebacker—or maybe he was even a defensive end—ripped it out of my hands and just ran away. Meanwhile, I got shoved to the ground and not only did no one intervene, but the other black men around him started cheering. Where the heck was law enforcement? I could’ve been killed. It was just clear they have no respect for me, the grandson of World War II veterans. Honestly, since then I’ve been afraid to even leave the pocket.” Brees added that if the country was going to have a conversation about police brutality, it also needed to address the anti-white organizations that paid large black men huge sums of money to attack innocent quarterbacks like himself.


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