Drilling For Oil In Alaska

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Seeking to decrease U.S. dependence on Iraqi oil, Senate Republicans want to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling. What do you think?

"It'd be nice if we lived in some magical fantasy world where we could get energy from the sun and the wind, but we need to deal with reality."

Daniel Mendoza • Systems Analyst

"America needs to reduce its overall oil consumption, but I can't bring myself to ride the bus with a bunch of puds. So Arctic drilling it is."

Tim Wills • Machinist


"How much oil is in one of those seals, anyway?"

Vincent Putnam • Delivery Driver

"If I didn't know better, I'd say some oil man stands to make billions on this. Say, the president used to be in the oil business! Maybe he could help us sniff out the culprit!"

Christine Sample • Nurse


"If drilling kills off the refuge's indigenous wildlife, that'll give us a nice head start on the next generation of fossil fuels."

Gene Oliver • Real-Estate Agent

"We might as well use that oil. If we don't, our children will."

Diane Bell • Architect