With the spring reading season upon us, here’s a list of what I consider to be the best 100 of the books I’ve written. (Out-of-print and small-press books can be ordered through me personally.)

  1. American Blood: Inside America's Billion-Dollar Blood Industry
  2. What The Baby Saw: A Memoir Of Infidelity
  3. Ultimate Game Changer: A Guide To Your Barnes & Noble Nook
  4. All Things Birch & Beautiful: A Celebration Of Faith, Love, And Family
  5. Slam Duncan
  6. Shaping A Nation: How Land Reclamation Saved Our Ports
  7. How To Draw Cartoon Characters
  8. In Search Of Souter
  9. Living, Loving, Laughing: On The Campaign Trail With Mitt Romney
  10. Promises Unkept: The Rise And Fall Of Benicio Del Toro
  11. American Immobile: How Obesity And Laziness Will Save Our Country
  12. Hunting For Lincoln's Bones
  13. Living in GUNmerica
  14. The Power of Authority: How The President Accomplishes His Agenda
  15. What Oil Crisis?: How The Media Made A Frenzy Out Of A Few Long Gas Station Lines
  16. James Madison: An American Name
  17. The Bias Against Political Violence In US Culture
  18. Black and White: The Only Races That Matter
  19. MLK's "I Have A Dream Speech" And The Rise of Political Pontification in Outdoor Speeches Near Reflecting Pools
  20. Whatever Happened To RFK?
  21. Country Crock: Why The USA Is Not Technically a State
  22. Finding Government In Unlikely Places
  23. The Congress In Your Garbage Pail: How Waste Disposal Defines Our Political System
  24. —>—>
  25. The Littlest Chief Of Staff (Children's Book)
  26. The Littlest Chief Of Staff Resigns In Shame (Children's Book)
  27. Dining With PR People: A Treatise On The Simple Joys of the Campaign Trail
  28. The Three Notions That Will Scare The American Public Into Electing You President
  29. Cult Of PersonaliTREE: How To Cultivate A Winning Superhero Myth For Your Campaign
  30. The Body Politic Is A Liberty Tree: Nurturing The Valuable "Public Root"
  31. Body Politic As Liberty Tree Revisited: Pruning the Leaves of Protest
  32. Net Neutrality: Epitaph For America?
  33. Finding Obama In Ourselves
  34. Dogs and Cats and Independents!: A Book About The Lighter Side Of Politics
  35. The Guys In The Gulag: On Friendship and Prison-Reporting From Soviet Russia
  36. Land Of The Free, Home Of The Morons: How 'Dumbing Down' Makes America Great
  37. Wayfinder: How I Walked Across Grand Rapids, MI Without A Map
  38. Signposts To Freedom: A Detailed History Of Signage In The U.S. Capitol
  39. Devouring The Devoured: How Bad Policy Takes Food Out Of Our Own Mouths
  40. How America Got Fat: So Fat That Their Fat Pours Over The Sides Of The Clothing They Wear
  41. Blogging Towards Gomorrah: How Blogging Ruined My Marriage And Yours
  42. Induced Coma: A Near-Death Health Care System
  43. How To Win A Seat In Congress Without Breaking The Bank
  44. The Entire Supreme Court Is Unconstitutional
  45. Show Me The Gunny: How Concealed Weapons Statutes Endanger Us All
  46. Knocking Heads Of State: How Politics Became A Headbutter's Game
  47. Sharpen The Fucking Pencil: How To Fix Our Education System
  48. Erasable Pen: How Congress Must Rescind Our National Educational Standards
  49. Unworthy Of Our Own Children: How Our Teachers Behave Nowadays
  50. 150 Constitutional Amendments America Needs Right Now
  51. Bay Of Prigs: Why San Francisco Should Secede
  52. Prying Open Pandora's Box: Why So-Called "Freedom of Information" Is National Suicide
  53. Vietnam In Reverse
  54. A Rear-View Democracy
  55. The View From The Cupola: A Memoir
  56. Climbing The Washington Monument: A Symbolic Adventure Story
  57. Was George Washington Schizophrenic?
  58. Martin Luther King Jr.: Plagiarizer Of Jesus
  59. Did Malcolm X Deserve A Movie?
  60. Invisible Ink: How The Constitution Is Written In Invisible Ink
  61. How To Fix The Department of the Interior
  62. Threat To Our Sequels
  63. Race, Gender, Identity, Society, Politics, Nature In Post-Modern America
  64. A Wiccan's Guide To Social Issues
  65. My Virtual Wife
  66. 1 Daddy 2, Red Daddy Blue
  67. Southwestern Escapes
  68. Communication: The Best Spell
  69. Birch Bellows: Duncan Birch Sounds Off
  70. Exploiting Without Exploitation
  71. Always Get Pepperoni On Your 'Za And Other Life Lessons
  72. America's Most Controversial Non-Stories
  73. Family: The Screaming Backbone Of America
  74. America's Most Exclusive Trainyards
  75. Time Snake
  76. The Pleasure Myth
  77. Trick-Ass Bitches: An Illustrated History
  78. If You Can't Stand The Heat, Think Outside The Box
  79. The Three Things You Need To Know About Foreigners
  80. Hallowhy?
  81. The Pirate And The Lady
  82. Slam Duncan
  83. Birch Control
  84. Framing The Big Picture
  85. The Case Against Water Buffalo
  86. Help Others For Profit
  87. Africa 2.0
  88. Why The Facts Are Wrong
  89. Remembering The Past
  90. Personal Jets On A Budget
  91. Rich Like Me: The Duncan Birch Story
  92. How To Vote For Winners
  93. Fudgie The Boy
  94. The Six Worst Continents
  95. Daddy, What's An Orca?
  96. The War After The War
  97. America The Enclave
  98. America's Love Affair With Things That Go
  99. Farewell, Beloved Sentra
  100. Surfeit Of Love: Marriage And Romance In The Favelas
  101. My Personal Friend Mark Wahlberg

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