eBay CEO Resigns

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After 10 years, Meg Whitman will be stepping down as CEO of the online auction house eBay. Here are some highlights of her tenure at the top:

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1998-present—Universally redefined what constitutes rare, mint, and sealed

April 30, 1999—Sold just an all-out avalanche of handbags in 20 minutes

February 8, 2000—Dictated that used panties no longer be sold unless it's for charity


June 8, 2001—Expanded colored star–icon range from five to 83

October 2002—Dropped partnership with PayAcquaintance in order to purchase the more convivial PayPal

September 17, 2002—Started a brief trial of eBay Black for the sale of drugs, weapons, and human organs

September 27, 2004—Bought herself copy of Baby-Sitters Club 4: Mary Anne Saves The Day


January 25, 2008—Relinquishes job for $100 million cash and an eggbeater shaped like Kermit

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