Last week, it was reported that, the popular, minimally monitored Internet auction house, is being investigated by the federal government for "possible illegal transactions." What do you think?

"You mean that Ty Cobb-autographed aluminum bat I bought might be a fake?"

Marvin Cowens • Systems Analyst


"No wonder my Splinters of the True Cross came individually wrapped and were mint-flavored."

Oscar Brookens • Roofer

"In the future, I'm going to think twice before buying from eBay. Those fries were totally cold when UPS dropped them off."

Elaine Tobik • Bank Teller


"The crimes of eBay are a disgrace to its Pig Latin heritage."

Jenny Hebner • Waitress

"Fraud on the Internet? Sure, pal. And I suppose my cybersex partner Bossk1701 isn't really a willowy, 20-year-old redhead, either."

Dave Cappuzzello • Custodian


"I could buy my goods from a more reputable source. But then I might have to interact with someone of human form."

Richard Schatzeder • Architect

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