Economist Has Great Idea For Sitcom Where Keynesian And Friedmanite Have To Live Together

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NEW HAVEN, CT—Revealing that he already had enough story arcs to fill a couple seasons of the show, economist John Stephens confirmed to sources Monday that he has a great idea for a sitcom where a Keynesian and a Friedmanite have to live together. “So get this: Doug and Jeff have totally opposite beliefs about macroeconomic theory and what drives economic cycles—think of all the hijinks in their conflicting approaches to buying a new dishwasher alone,” said the excited economist, who added that he was thinking of titling the multi-camera half-hour comedy about the two acolytes squabbling over chores, noise, and exchange-rate flexibility It’s The Economy, Stupid, and ideally that Simon Helberg and Neil Patrick Harris would star. “I have a buddy in Hollywood who I sent my pilot to, and I don’t see how they couldn’t give this a full run. Just imagine the arguments: ‘Oh, you demand that I clean the dishwasher? You don’t know anything about demand!’ You’d have the Friedmanite, Doug, trying out all these crazy schemes to try to earn money through supply-side market manipulation. And when the Keynesian, Jeff, is trying to find a job, Doug keeps telling him that the government doesn’t owe him employment. But of course they’d learn things from each other too over the course of the show—the Keynesian would soften his stance on aggregate demand, and the Friedmanite would admit that maybe he could stand to be a little bit more understanding about deregulation. They’ll also have this crazy Hispanic communist neighbor who both of them are constantly trying to get to move out. Plus we could get cool guest stars, like Alan Greenspan!” At press time, the studio had passed over Stephens’ sitcom idea in favor of a single-camera show by a psychologist where a Freudian and a Skinnerian have to live together.